Pregnancy following infertility, during COVID-19

If you’re in the sisterhood of fierce and fabulous women who have conceived following the painful journey of fertility treatments, you may reeling in the news of COVID-19.

You may be scared, angry, upset…(fill in your emotions here). This is yet one more thing out of your control. You may be looking for your village to help you get through this unique and challenging time. We want to facilitate bringing that village together, to lift each other up, offer support, scream, laugh, cry, and most of all just BE together.

Join the women of partners (in)fertility for a *FREE* interactive, virtual, gathering on Friday, April 10 at 12:00 noon CST, via Zoom.

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    COVID-19 Notice

    Due to concerns related to COVID-19 we will be
    doing online therapy exclusively until conditions improve.

    We are open for acupuncture in our office.